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In April of 2005, with the encouragement of a friend, I decided to begin a weight training work-out to try and reduce my body fat. I had always exercised and was in relatively good shape but felt I needed that extra push from someone who was an experienced trainer. My intention was to go for a couple of months, learn what to do, and then continue on my own. That was two years ago. Excel is very knowledgeable and has helped me not only to lose 15 pounds but to decrease my body fat from 29% to 22%. I would highly recommend Excel to anyone who is serious about getting into shape and staying there.



I went to Excel training because I was desperate. My hip had been bothering me for years. You could actually see that my waist was un-even because my problem hip was pulling me to the side. I am thrilled to say that after working with Excel training my hip is way better & my waist is evening out! I'm amazed how just two times a week of working with Excel has made such a difference.  I discovered that they listen &hear you. Each training session is customized exactly for your needs.


Other unexpected benefits

1. Posture/self-confidence-I had never worked out with weights before. The staff at Excel made me feel comfortable even though I used to be a total weakling. After just a few sessions with Excel you start to feel more confident because hey you're lifting weights!  It's inevitable because you are getting stronger, that your posture will also get better.

2. Endorphins I've always been an active person either running, playing tennis, other sports.  Runners talk about "runners high". I never knew what they were talking about. Well, let me tell you, that changed after working with Excel. I don't get that rush every time I train at excel but when I do it's awesome!


I drove by Excel fitness every day around 6:30am for the past 7 years seeing their open sign-on. My only regret is that I did not contact them sooner.




So, last night was my 12th session with Excel...and here are the amazing results.......... 

May 10:  Arm   12 1/4     Waist 32 1/4     Leg 25 1/2  Body Comp 33.8% (yikes) 

June 21:   Arm  11 1/2   Waist  30 1/2     Leg 24 3/4   Body Comp  25.5%  (YIPPIE) 

That is an 8.3% loss in body fat in just 6 weeks.  Amazing stuff....huh? 


Excel has done an amazing job of keeping me motivated these past 6 weeks.  Excel believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.  I just wanted to share the results with you!




Every Wednesday and Friday morning when I walk through the door at 6am I am met with friendly smiles and positive, encouraging attitudes!  Routines change from day to day so my body is constantly being challenged and I never get bored!  The trainers at Excel are extremely reliable and educated. It is hard to imagine my life before side planks and wall squats!  Give it a try, you will love it!




I have been training at Excel for 2  years.  The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and this neighborhood gym has a non-intimidating atmosphere.  With my busy work schedule, I also like the scheduling flexibility Excel offers. 


Excel keeps my routines varied (knows my strengths and weaknesses) and always introduces new exercises that make the hour sessions fly-by.  In addition to weight training, they monitor my cardio activities and we discuss nutrition.  Personal training has increased my strength beyond anything I would have accomplished by working out on my own.  Weight training combined with cardio keeps me healthy. 


If you are looking for outstanding personal training at an affordable price, I highly recommend Excel!




My Journey to Excel Training by Shirley K. 


Every Morning on the way to work I drove by Excel and would see cars parked outside and the lights on.  I figured that these people were a little crazy to be there that early and subject themselves to such torture.  Little did I realize that I would be joining them so soon. 


About 50 years ago I sustained severe muscle and nerve damage to my right arm and then about 20 years ago, I tore my left rotator cuff.  While I continued to work at the hospital, both arms remained flexible and I was able to minimize the problems the injuries caused.  I was able to hide my inability to raise my right arm or to lift things with ie...or so I thought.  One day my grandson started asking questions. 


This is what brought me to Excel; however, it was the dedication and caring attitude that kept me going there.  We started out by discussing what my goal(s) were and what I wanted to get out of these sessions.  They included me as part of the solution.  At each session, we worked on the previous exercised and he continued to add more.  While I was exercising, we talked about many things that took my mind off the aches, groans, and grunts.  Excel continually assessed what I could do and pushed me beyond what I thought I could do.  And what was so great, I could do them.  I am now able to reach, raise, and lift things with my right arm that I haven't been able to do in years and my left arm doesn't hurt as it used too.  My family(especially my grandson) has noticed the difference. 


The trainers care about us, our progress, and obtaining the goals that we have mutually set.  I DEFINITELY recommend Excel Training to all.  I am proof that with the right trainer damage caused by time can be turned around.  Excel Personal Training has the right trainers.



Before finding Excel, I was frustrated about wasting time and money in search of a trainer. I was looking for someone willing to provide the knowledge and creativity to customize my workouts. Excel is attentive to my personal goals and specific needs, which makes me feel like I am their only client!! The results have been amazing.




We all know the benefits of exercise. We hear about it all the time! Want to lose weight, feel better, or have more energy? Want to change your outlook? Hell, do you want to change the world? If so, the answer is exercise! Our doctors tell us, our family tells us, even perfect strangers on TV tell us! Exercise is the answer.


But you say you haven't been to a gym in years and the thought of walking into one now terrifies you? You don't know how much weight to use or how many repetitions to do? What machines to use or how to use them? You say it is so intimidating that it makes you want to run out and get ice cream? I can relate. I once felt the same way. But there is a solution - hire a personal trainer. It is the best money you will ever spend!


I have been training with Excel for 7 months. When I started, my body fat was 44%. I am now at 27%. I feel better, I look better, I have more energy, my blood pressure is lower, I have far less back pain, fewer headaches, I sleep better and my friends tell me I have more confidence and a much better outlook on life. Excel has done more for me than my doctor and his prescription pad!




In March of 2005, I decided to begin a weight training work-out with a professional trainer. I had been faithfully going to Ballys and lifting weights but thought if I could go to a professional for 2 or 3 months I could learn how to do the routines on my own. I soon found out that this was not to be. Excel incorporates an efficient, integrated work-out that's different every time I go in. They are constantly pushing me to the limit, which I would never do myself to achieve optimal energy burn. I'm in the best shape of my life at 55 years old and I owe it all to Excel.




Excel Training has made a very big difference in my life. I have never liked to work out, but Excel creates a program that is easy to follow - and it works. I appreciate the fact that they always come up with new and interesting workout programs - tailored just for me. I am much healthier and in better shape now. I highly recommend Excel Training.




Excel's Training let me reclaim my physical life. Knees stopped hurting, the ease of climbing stairs was amazing, lifting loads was easier, and balance improved. Muscles Id thought were gone for good are coming back. 


Once upon a time many years ago I ran high school track. The morning after the first day of practice was agony. Not at Excel. The day after a session, I feel good, like I've been active, not beaten up. Workouts are tailored to the level of conditioning you bring in the door, and for me that started out somewhere between desk jockey and couch potato.


At my very first meeting, one of Excel's long time clients looked at me and said, You know, with focus and perseverance you can accomplish just about anything. Now I'm using his advice, and so can you




Four years ago I was put in the hospital with a life-changing illness. I stayed in the hospital for five months. My body stopped producing protein to my muscles and I dropped a lot of weight. I could not straighten my legs, arms, or hands very well and I could not walk on my own.


After having a lot of physical and occupational therapy at the hospital and at home, it was not doing much for me. I could not go up the stairs in my own home to go to bed. I was sleeping on an air mattress in my living room.


Since I was a client of Excel in the past, my wife suggested that we return. On my first day we started out with five-pound weights. As the weeks went by, I started lifting more weight and they started straightening my legs and arms. I was able to stop using a walker and started using canes.


In 2006 I had to have my hip and shoulder replaced with non-weight bearing orders. When the weight restraint was over I had to start all over again. I am still walking with canes and I think I will always need them. But now, I can go up and down my steps and we just started using the treadmill to try to improve my walking and endurance, I think this will help a lot. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the years.




A little over a year ago, I made a decision I will always be grateful for: I started a fitness plan at Excel Fitness! I had knee surgery the year before and was having a hard time getting into a regular fitness routine. My injury still bothered me whenever I exercised and I struggled to establish any kind of routine. I was out of shape and didn't really see that changing. When I was feeling my lowest about my health, I decided to call Excel. I was so nervous! I had never worked with a personal trainer before. The trainers at Excel immediately made me feel comfortable. I didn't feel embarrassed at all. My trainer really took the time to listen to my goals and get to know me as a person. My plan was to go for ten sessions and then continue on my own but each time my session times would run out, I would sign up again! My knee got stronger and stronger. I am finally pain-free and in better shape than I can remember. I can't thank the trainers at Excel enough for constantly meeting me where I was and pushing me to the next level. I always am surprised by what I am able to do now with their encouragement and guidance. I highly recommend Excel to anyone who is tired of feeling the way that they are feeling and ready to have support in changing their health. Excel will dramatically improve your life  its a chance worth taking. Thank you, Excel!



Excel brings an exceptional team of trainers with schedule flexibility.  Specifically, James’ thorough knowledge of anatomy, body mechanics, and training provides customized workout plans to meet my goals.  As a 20 year long course triathlete, the Excel workouts are essential for preventing injury to critical joints and overall strength for optimal performance.

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